The only prerequisite is to have installed a JVM. Currently TornadoVM can operate as a plugin to OpenJDK 8/11, GraalVM 8/11, Red Hat Mandrel 11 and Amazon Corretto 11.

You can download the TornadoVM Docker images to run your programs on NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Integrated Graphics.

TornadoVM has been used to accelerate complex Java applications from various domains (e.g. computer vision, NLP, Machine Learning, etc.).

What is TornadoVM?

TornadoVM is an open-source plugin to Java Virtual Machines that allows programmers to automatically run Java programs on heterogeneous hardware.

TornadoVM can currently execute on multi-core CPUs, dedicated GPUs (Nvidia, AMD), integrated GPUs (Intel HD Graphics and ARM Mali), and FPGAs (Intel and Xilinx).